Rana Busharat Ali Khan President human rights movement UK will travel to Geneva Switzerland from November 24 to participate in the seventh conference of the International Human Rights Council of the United Nations.
At The United Nations’ issuance of a UN passport for Burma, he will raise his voice for the Muslims of Burma, Palestine and Kashmir by the 25th date, and will express his views in the seventh conference held by the 26th anniversary of Burma’s agenda. The United Nations passport will be issued so that the Muslims of Burma who are disgusting and dissatisfied without passports around the globe, should be given an international passport so that their upcoming generations are able to pursue education. At the moment, the nation of Burma is the only nation in the world that has its own country passport And there is a big problem, besides Rana Busharat Ali Khan Yemen will also request the United Nations to request further efforts to resolve the problem of Yemen and Saudi Arabia because of that thousands of people There are differences and can be harmful for the increasingly degrading and immunization generations in the region if this war is not stopped here, it will prove to be the harm of the whole region in its own influence and to handle it, it will be very difficult in the coming days and will request that he proceeded and raised any practical clothes against him. Also Rana Busharat Ali will request
The United Nations that they will have to take action against the crimes committed against Burma Muslims, because they are going ahead and in the number of millions of Muslims in Burma, unbelievers sitting in Bangladesh and surrounding countries openly serve as heavenly servers. Neither they have clothes for winter nor do they have food or medicine, nor have any roof over their head. if we do not think about them at this time, then we leave millions of people near danger. We will have to be very strictly remembered that Medicine, warm clothes and hot food for these Muslims is urgent matter. United Nations play its role and announce emergency assistance to the Muslims of Burma so that they can help the United Nations in a severe cold and tough weather. There is a need for Muslim refugees living in Burma so they can survive the coming season
The United Nation should have a permanent solution to Burma’s Muslims and ban globalization on the Mayanmar government so that they stop oppression of Burma Muslims, they need to take a very serious step.