Challenges Facing

Understanding of democracy in Pakistan is still underdeveloped and Pakistani parliamentarians need to address the country’s problems of education and poverty.

These views were expressed by IHRO. The IHRO describes itself as an organization that helps local organizations attain the goal of liberalism, human rights and freedom of opinion and expression.

About democracy in Pakistan , it is difficult to comment on the subject. “Apparently, there is an elected parliament and the structure is democratic,” “However, according to a view, the understanding of democracy is underdeveloped in Pakistan .”

Internal democracy in political parties should be the first step towards democracy everywhere. “In Pakistan , it looks like political parties are being ruled and dominated by rich families,” “That is a major mistake.”

About the role of the military, in developed countries, the military was not allowed to intervene in government. However, in Pakistan it was different as the chief of army staff is also the president.

Pakistan must also address issues of discriminatory laws and honor killing. Civil society would have to work as a group to put pressure on the government to focus on these issues. According to IHRO education and poverty are key issues for Pakistan . “Parliament has its special role in making decisions on such issues. However, it looks like Pakistani parliamentarians are not able to recognize that they are responsible for these issues.”

IHRO and its work in Pakistan , focuses to make a foundation for ideas on liberty and freedom. The South Asia project includes six countries in the region their main objectives were that citizens should be able to live together in an open society: the civic society. “We promote respect for human rights. Individual freedom should be accessible to all, connected with individual responsibility of everyone. There should be civic education for all citizens and equal opportunities from the start,” wants to restrict the role of the state to its essentials. Democratic rules all over society, free market economy, including information, technology, goods and services, freedom of opinion, including freedom of press and media and freedom in human dignity in all sectors of society.”

IHRO motive is the realization of these liberal values that would help people live in freedom and welfare and that would help society prosper and be fair. To realize these values in Pakistan , IHRO had collaborated with six partner organizations.