Full conference Time For Change 21

The Charter of demands is presented under the zoom conference
“Time for Change 2021” for the repression of Uighur Muslims of China “
It includes a list of practical, accessible ways in which we can help the Uighur Muslims.

1) #justiceforuyghur
We will pass the bill from UNO to celebrate 1st April as day “Justice for Uyghur Muslims of China”

2) UNO meetings
This issue will be raised effectively in the upcoming meeting of UN that is gonna held in Geneva

3) Conferences for awareness
We will held 3 day Conference in UN for Uyghur Muslims of China

4) Economic Pressure

Now is the time for real action from brands, governments, and international bodies — not empty declarations.
Economic sanctions be imposed on China specially by US & UK.

5) Collaborative action

Leaders around the world should come forward and take actions in coordination to rescue Uyghurs in China.

6) Counter China at the UN:
UNO must berate China for its abuses
UNO has orders, ordinance and laws regarding protection and safety of humans but now it
has to implement them.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the United Nations to handle the Uighur issue by imposing multilateral sanctions and other measures with the US taking the lead.

7) Publications for pressure

There is a need to keep the spotlight on this issue by continually publishing intelligence documents and other reports.

8)Teams Visits to the Region

The United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Human Rights Watch, and other organisations should be given access to the region to assess the scope and scale of abuses.
Teams all over the world should visit the region

9) Independent Journalists
Journalists should be allowed to meet Uighur Muslims. Make and submit reports about them. Media should be given freedom for coverage.

10) Allow Abroad people
Chinese government should allow people living outside China to come back in their region
And contact their families

11) Muslim Countries Role
Muslim Countries not only stop supporting China but also raise voice against its abuses

Together we will make sure that China must close its Vocational Training Centers, release the religious and political prisoners from prisons and detention camp.
China must stop its Islamophobic policies that target the Muslims, their religion, history, culture and way of life.

Rana Buasharat Ali Khan
Chairman International Human Rights Movement