The International Human Rights Movement (IHRM) held a zoom meeting on March 23, 2021 on “Chinese government’s oppression of Uighurs.” 

Chaired : Founder President of IHRM Rana Busharat Ali Khan.

Host : Mr Igoche Ikwue Ambassador at large  for education reform 

Report : Taqi Raza Arabi Advisor IHRM

Chinese government must immediately end atrocities against Uighur Muslims while respecting human rights Put pressure on UN, OIC, Muslim countries and world powers China

Speakers included

Mr. Ajmal Hassan, 

Dr. Tahrim Shaukat Director international communication 

Dr. Tamara Omar President IHRM 

Observe by International observers

 Representative of UN Human Rights Council, Representative of OIC, Organisation of Islamic countries

Representative of Pakistan Women Welfare Association Bristol Shahnaz Dar, 

Councillor Bristol City Council Afzal Shah, International Journalists Organization attended the meeting as observers.