Minority - Rights

IHRO has been working since 2000 for the protection and development of Minority Rights in the light of UN Declaration on the right of persons belonging to National and Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minority.

On 19th July 2003 , Dr. Khalid Aftab Sulehri (President-IHRO) surveyed the demolished 23 family houses of Christian community at St. Thomas Church , Dera Ismail Khan. They were demolished by the local cantonment board on the advise of Peshawar Diocese, which was the total violation of every individual rights and that due to the efforts made by IHRO the local Court in Dera Ismail Khan gave orders that the heads of the 23 unfortunate families have all the authority to reconstruct their houses at St Thomas Church again. This was very difficult for they did not have any funds to do so. IHRO at the spot helped financially the unfortunate families and with the help of its partners managed and helped the 23 Christian families to build their homes again.

IHRO always remains keen to overcome every obstacle in the way to prosperity and uplift of every possible rights and will continue its efforts with an increased pace.