Social Work

He is serving all of his life for the social work number of glorious stories he made in his life. He always wanted to do something great for others wherever anyone in a need he would be there.
  • In school and college life he becomes the voice of other students for solving their problems.
  • At a young age served his social services to the people of his city.
  • After that started serving humanity from all over the world especially Muslims.
  • Visited many countries for human rights from his own sources.
  • Raised voice to united nations and Europe for Syria, Burma, Palestine, Kashmir, and Muslims of Iraq.
  • Worked for Syria and met Syrian reguges student in Syria. Helped Burma in many so many ways, especially he helped them in turkey and Bangladesh.
  • Arranged Mega protest in Iraq against the war.
  • li>He gathered 40K PEOPLE on one platform for Burma, first-ever and biggest protest in Europe for Burma Muslims within seven days.
  • Served as a visiting lecturer, speak at many seminars in many universities around the world.