The 2nd online zoom meeting which took place on the 2nd January, 2021 was chaired by the Founder and Chairman, Rana Bisharat Ali Khan the President of the International Human Rights Movement and was Hosted by Dr Abdul Malik Khatian, the International Coordinator at IHRM.

The Conference was observed by Syed Yousif Raza Gilani, Ex-Prime Minister, Pakistan
Muhammad Ateeq, Shaikh(Senator )
Ali Yerlikaya (The Governor of Istambol,
Rana Israr Ahmed (Ex:Banker) and
Abdul Rauf (Well Known Journalist.
The main objectives of today’s conference was to Bring all Ambassadors and members together in order to share knowledge that will bring about the success of Ihrm worldwide.

There was an Introductory session of Participants after that Eshrat Sharmin Aliza, Co-Host of Confidence shared Introduction of International Human Rights Movement and that IHRM is working globally for Human Rights and Peace without any Discrimination.

After that, All Ambassadors shared their work Progress for their Board Members Committees and other Community work in their respective Countries.
Furthermore, the Founder President Rana Bisharat Ali Khan said that we are multi-disciplinary worldwide for human rights and justice and an implementation of human equality from all over the world. We takle major problems, violence with innocent people, non-discrimination; of respect for race, sex, ethnicity and cultural diversity and we are giving equal opportunities to join us globally.

Since this conference covers global aspects on fundamental issues to practical application of the principle of Human Rights Activity.

Thus it is discussed in the session to enable solve issues related to injustice that could escalate problems.

Soon, the International Human Rights is going to organize a Youth leadership Program in every school, college and university that youths can join across the world and enhance to make a strong society.

Atleast, 40 plus Ambassadors and 45 exact Counicl numbers from different countries were present which includes India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, Iraq, Jordan, Canada, Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Sudan, Egypt, Tunsania, London and France amongst others.

The Media Coordinator also reiterated on the need to abide by rules and regulations of Ihrm to enhance the Smooth running of the organization.

Amb. Abdullahi Suleiman Omale
(Media Coordinator, IHRM).