Access of Water

Access to water relating to Human Rights is in the top priority agenda and a unique project of IHRO at National and International Level:  

  1. The project is that water is a fundamental human right.
  2. IHRO is member of Pakistan Water Partnership and linked organization of global water partnership.
  3. Proposed Water as fundamental human rights to the Ministerial Declaration of the Forum.
  4. Youth in Water Related Millennium Development Goals in Pakistan .
  5. World Youth Parliament for Water, 18-22 November 2002 Canada
  6. 2nd South Asian Water Forum Islamabad , Pakistan December 14-16, 2002
  7. World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), South Africa-2002
  8. World Water Forum Kyoto, Japan-2003
  9. UN Commission on Sustainable Development 2003 & 2004 New York
  10. UN Commission on Sustainable Development New York , 11-22 April 2005
  11. Involvement of Youth as an integral part of population ( 40 %), with sustainable access to an improved water source
  12. There is no Life without water – The future is IN THE HANDS OF our youth.
  13. Improving the knowledge of water as precious resource.
  14. Enhancing the knowledge of water as tool for sustainable development
  15. Ensuring youth participation in
  16. Design
  17. Implementation
  18. Monitoring
  19. Evaluation
  20. Advocacy