How The Objectives Will Be Achieved

The running of the trust shall be initially based on public donations and trusts own activities in various aspects as mentioned below.  The trust shall carry out activities to raise funds to achieve objectives, the activities will include.

a) Planning and organizing fund raising function in various cities and towns for example, Cultural Evenings, Competitions, Seminars etc.

b) Disseminating promotional posters to seek attention of the public to gain financial support.

c) Advertising in press and other media making special appeals.

d) To carry out any other functions and activities not mentioned above which will result in increase of funds of the trust, provided that such activities and functions are within the relevant laws.

e) Applications will be made to larger charitable and non-charitable, Trust, organizations for assistance in the form of grants, and to conduct seminars for its fund raising discussions , the objects and aims of the Trust for the better help to needy.