Rana Busharat Ali Khan
President Of International Human Rights Movement

Email: busharat@hotmail.co.uk
code: UN/cwc/cp/001

Dr Abdul Malik
Ambassador Coordinator

Email: malik_khan00780@yahoo.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/024

Dr. Piya Ratna Maharjan
Ambassador At Large

Email: ratnapiya@gmail.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/036

Mohammad Eliuas
chairperson Saudi Arabia and Special Ambassador for Refugees camp in Bangladesh

Email: ------@yahoo.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/002

Abdullahi Suleiman Omale
Media coordinator

code: UN/cwc/cp/050

Dr. Munir Ahmad Chaudhry
Chairperson MENA Region ( Middle East and North Africa

Email: drmunir@live.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/201

Igoche Ikwue
Ambassador at large Education Reforms

Email: Info@sbridgeconsulting.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/006

Kyung Bai An
Vice Chairman IHRM World

Email: icapapresident@gmail.com

Dr intisar salim al-qulaib
Chairperson Libya

Email: ---------@gmail.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/051

Dr Tahreem Shoukat
Director Communication Affairs

Email: Tahreemshoukat786@gmail.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/103

Dr Sania Muneer
Country Director Pakistan

Email: --------------@gmail.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/041

Hina Younas
Director Kashmir Affairs

Email: -----@gmail.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/040

Dr. Tamara Alqolaghassi
Chairperson United State of America and Canada

Email: Tamaraomar33t@gmail.com
code: UN/cwc/cp/039

Agbadu Doosugh
Ambassadors at Large Environmental

Email: princessdoo@esteeemhub.org
code: UN/cwc/cp/023