First Online Conference Held on 17th January, 2021.

Chaired by: Rana Busharat Ali Khan President IHRM

Host: Dr Abdul Malik Khatami, Coordinator.

The first Conference of the International Human Rights Movement held today had in presence Ambassadors and members across 40 countries who participated fully and shared their experiences about activities related to Human Rights in their countries.

The International Human Rights Movement (IHRM), will also look into cases of issues affecting Parts of the world and the global affliction at-large.
This decision is aimed at making sure the rights of citizens of every country is protected.

Since fighting for the rights of the people focuses on rendering services to humanity, IHRM will put in all support and ensure that issues linked with war and humanity both at local and international levels will be of great consideration, focusing on conflict resolution rather than war outbreak.

The President, Rana Ali Khan answered questions asked by ambassadors and members of IHRM about the movement globally to enhance a proper understanding.

To enhance further understanding, ambassadors and members were meant to understand that IRHM works globally to protect and provide legal support to backward communities, fighting for their rights, and to strengthen expertise, Ambassadors will participate in a three day seminar in the upcoming conference for Kashmir, Yaman and Falisteen by the United Nations(UN).

Aside Pakistan, IRHM works with more than 40 countries and have thousands of designated members across.

Furthermore, committees on Youth, Legal, Medical, Child and Women’s Rights amongst others will be formed.

The President introduced the aims and objectives of IHRM and tasked Ambassadors to create a working committee in their countries, providing a video clip of each individual in order to promote IHRM globally.

Ambassadors across Sri Lanka, Kenya, Colombia, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Cameron, Jordan, Myrimam, Algeria, Ghana, Denin, Pero, London, Sudan, Colombia, Tanzania, Yaman , Lebanon, Somaliland, Korea, Serone , Tunisia, Kashmir, and Many more countries were present.

Amb. Abdullahi Suleiman Omale
(Secretary, Media and Publicity).

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