AIMS And Objectives

The aims and objectives of the trust shall be:

a) To protect, promote and provide remedy to the victims of the human rights violations around the globe.

b) To represent the weaker sections of the society in every national and international human rights  forums around the globe.

c) To provide legal, economic and other kinds of help to victims.

d) To help the people of world who are suffering from the economic devastation due to collapse of employment infrastructure, Tourism , Handicraft, light Industry and disappearance of Public sector jobs under the current upheaval in the state.

e) To provide relief in the shape of essentials and every day needs including food and clothing to needy victims in conflict prone areas of the world, ( Kashmir, Syria, Burma etc).

f) To provide relief and shelter to the people who do not have any source of income and are made homeless under current upheaval.

g) To provide medical relief in the form of medicine and necessary equipment through medical relief units.

h) Establishment of Social Welfare Centers including arrangement of marriages top the destitute who are suffering as such due to current upheaval.

i) To assist in providing and helping to maintain basic education to the children whose parents/guardians have been martyred during the current upheaval

j) Promotion /establishment of educational institutions.

k) To provide relevant relief in emergencies and in the case of natural disasters and war like situation.

l) To establish, undertake, Superintendent, administer and contribute to any Charitable fund which may seem created directly or indirectly to promote any of the purposes of the Foundation.

m) To act as Trust through its own Trustees, under trustees, incidental to and consistent with the purposes of the Trust and to receive, hold administer, expand funds, develop property and support people in all states of world. 

n) To establish Institutions, Old age home, Educational centers, Orphanages, Hostel, Public health and Medical centres, Training centres etc.  

o) To render services for the blind, deaf, unemployed girls, women and boys, widows, physically, mentally and socially handicapped, poor and chronic disease patients and also to care for the orphans and to be involved in famine, flood and riots relief programme irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion.

p) To Co-operate, promote and render assistance to organizations, institutions for a better and mutual comprehension and help them in our/their growth and stability. 

q) To open branch/es, educational institutions, medical care and health centres, religious training centres, house meetings and faith centres, seminars, conferences, public meetings etc’ in any part of the world. 

r) To improve the living standard of the Poor, down trodden, under privileged people in Urban, slums and rural areas. 

s) To help unorganized, unprivileged, construction, hotel, temporary workers and their families. 

t) To conduct social, educational, cultural and community development & religious programmes, such as lectures, demonstrations, seminars, worshops, conferences and other effective means & media. 

u) To spread the message of God by means of literature, by printing, publishing, circulating,TV or radio messages, distributing them to the needy.

v) To prepare the human rights documentaries, case studies , research papers, stories, etc and to prepare the annual reports of the same .

w) To open TV channel, newspaper, journal , magazine etc in the name of trust.

x) The objects of the trust will not include objects involving the carrying of any activity for profit