During last couple of decades, Pakistan produced a lot of heroes who are serving the nation in best way they can. Some are defending borders, some are busy in making scientific researches and similarly on the same end, some are defending the ideological basis. This ideological war is based on ideas and that it means the use of media, both digital and conventional to shape discourse on national matters. Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has praised the passion of 5th Generation warriors because they are people who are fighting for Pakistan’s image in the global world. Among such great heroes is Mr. Basharat Ali Khan who has been given the title of Rajl ul He is also helping the international students and all the illegal immigrants in his surroundings since he always have high spirits for all the fellow human beings without any discrimination of cast. While discussing and mentioning all of his great efforts, I must refer to some of the events that caused global impact and the brave person behind all of this was Mr. Basharat Ali khan. He exposed the Indian propaganda in a bold and daring way. India has always been a source of dispute among other countries as well. There is absolutely no doubt that India is facing diplomatic conflicts and problems since Indian held Kashmir has been converted in a place worse than prison by her. Kashmir is being discussed as a big dispute whether it is European Union or American Congress. India has no proper response over the questions and concerns that have been expressed over the Indian State terrorism in Indian held Kashmir. There are tons of problems that have been created for India when solidarity with Kashmir and Kashmiri people is expressed. There were a lot of rallies and protests held within Kashmir that were against the curfew in Indian Held Kashmir. Kashmiri people continued their protests against the Indian presence despite the fact that there were straight attacks from Indians. Another story that unfolded was propaganda that the militants in Indian Held Kashmir operate due Pakistan on Sultan from the descendants of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. He is one of those great Muslim heroes who have been directly or indirectly targeted by various organizations and agencies to defame him or discourage his efforts but he always stood firm in all difficult times. In recent past, he has been resisted in his social activities but he had shown great courage and by the will of God, he was succeeded to surpass the expectations of his fellow social workers. He was told that he cannot travel to Switzerland, At this occasion he had to deliver a speech on curfew in Kashmir at the platform of United Nations. He also had to discuss his views on Muslims of Burma. The organizations that are run and controlled by Indian agencies were made blacklisted on United Nations platform. This made him to take decision of doing protest and he successfully arranged one that provoked Indian agencies that were doing propaganda against him. According to him, he was miraculously stopped by God Almighty to travel to Switzerland because these countries are now under lockdown to the interference of Pakistan otherwise the majority of Kashmiri want to live with India. There seems only one solution for India in such a serious situation that it should exploit its friends within Pakistan to disputes whether regional or linguistic. They tried to do this by giving various slogans. India proved to be a deceiver always and did the same again. India deceived the world that those people plotted by India want separation from Pakistan especially it aimed to portray Pakistan Army as a Punjabi army. Such anti- Pakistani conspiracies are foundation of such conspiracies was laid with the independence of Pakistan when Afghanistan denied accepting Pakistan and feudal of Baluchistan and NWFP raised slogans of separation. caused by Corona Pandemic. Rather to travel, he stayed in his own country and tried to help his people financially and morally uplifted them all. He distributed free food among hundreds of not new. The people. He also helped deserving families with their grocery shopping and food. By donating £50 including food to each family, he set an example for other social workers in this time of pandemic.

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